Friday, September 15, 2006

Role Models

I have had an interesting day today. Ok so it's not been that interesting, no winning the lottery or being swept of my feet, but a day that's a little better then boring. Firstly I finished getting Louis' school uniform. The smallest I can get it all in is 3 years.. Louis is in size 18-23 months trousers still so I have a lot of wonder-webbing to do. At least I shouldn't have to buy him any more uniform for the next 5 years. I think this lot will last him. Unless he comes across something radioactive and he grows upwards all of a sudden.. without any extra legs or arms.

Anyway, the reason behind the title. I spend a lot of my time in a cafe in my town chatting etc to friends, passer bys that stop to gossip and general waifs and strays and today was no different. Whilst my friend was chatting to someone she hadn't seen in a few months, I sat drinking my hot chocolate, nodding in the right places but not really paying attention. I noticed a couple of women sitting across from me, with an old copy of reveal or Heat. They were talking about Posh Spice going out and getting drunk and how this is bad as she should be a role model to kids. They were really going on about it, slagging her off etc etc.

Now it got me thinking.. I know a dangerous thing, but it made me think of my view on these things. I understand that those that are in the public eye, are seen doing things that could be a bad image on themselves, or set a bad example to others, but most of these peeps in the public eye are adults. I can understand it if it were a young teenager doing these things, but those that most kids do look up to are fully grown humans. So what if they get drunk, fall out of a nightclub and flash their knickers. My mother did it all the time. Which leads me onto my next point. Those who should be role models to the children, are parents. These two women that were busy slagging off Posh, I've seen down the local social clubs with their families, pissed out of their tiny little minds. Adults like to have fun and if that involves alcohol then so be it. But if they are going to slate someone that is famous for doing exactly the same thing as they do, then they should realise that they are just as "bad".

Obviously drugs are different and those that are in the public eye should think carefully about where they are doing it, but that's something else entirely. If I start on that, I shall never stop and I'll start going on about people I have never met before who do things that I don't agree with. But again at the end of the day as long as you point out to your kids that this isn't the right path to take, then at least you've known you've tried to keep them on the straight and narrow. Obviously kids don't pay attention to half what their parents say.. I should know, being a kid once upon a time, but as long as you are respectful to others, don't do things in front of your kids that you wouldn't want them to do etc etc then at least you know you've tried.

Besides, we are humans. And humans make mistakes from time to time. Which I tell myself everytime I get drunk and suffer the following morning. "That last drink was a mistake and humans are entitled to make mistakes.." Clears my concience everytime.

And before I forget I'm still on Dial up. After being told I'll be back on Broadband tonight, I rang up Orange to find out what was going on to be told to ring back in 5 days. I, of course, wasn't satisfied, told them so in a small rant that went straight for the jugular, then went and made a complaint to Watchdog and ISPA.

So you never know, I may be on watchdog in a couple of weeks.. Better then being on crimewatch I suppose.


Rabidus Badgerus said...

I agree with you Hells. My parents were bad role models for me; they were always going out and leaving me on my own, partying with our vole and rabbit neighbours and drinking worm smoothies until the early hours of the afternoon, when they would stumble in while I was trying to sleep. I however have decided to be completely embarrassed by them and gone down the exact opposite path. I'm always in bed as soon as the sun rises. So bad role models aren't always a bad...thing. :D

Hells said...

Haha got a good point there!