Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Incy Wincy Spider...

So much and yet so little has happened over the last couple of days. I finally got a phone call yesterday from the school I've been fighting to get my 4 year old into. He start's monday! My lil boy has all grown up! well.. almost grown up.. Truth be told, I can't wait for him to start school. some peace and quiet! I know I'll have my youngest still with me (and he starts playschool come November) but I'm looking forward to having some me time.

What else has happened? "R" popped over tonight.. Here is how it went..

R: How was your weekend darlin?
Me: Fantastic! Got drunk at... OMG SPIDER!!!!!!
R: Where?
me: On your top *SCREAM!!!!*
R: *SCREAM!!!* Ew! Gerroff! Ugh!

*R jumps around flapping at himself, finally swipes it off and it falls on floor*

Me: *Laughing my head off*
R: *laughing his head off* Hells. Promise me you won't tell anyone sweetheart
Me: About that?
R: that won't help my manly image..
Me: I promise my lips are sealed.. *Tears are running down face*
R: I thought you meant a tarantula or something!! *laughing he has tears now*
me: That was a tarantula to me! It's massive..

*both laughing, tears falling, he holding his stomach, me wiping my eyes.... Laughing subsides*

R: I'll see you next week.. No telling... Promise!
Me: *Snorts and Starts laughing again, which starts of R again also*

Finally we both stop laughing, and we say our goodbyes, me still promising not to tell... well you don't know him, so I'm not really telling anyone that will tell him they know...

Obviously you can see I'm not good with Spiders. Even money spiders I freak out about. I don't know what it is, but I just can't abide them.. Seem's like R is in the same boat.. although I think I just made him panic slightly by standing there screaming at him with this spider crawling up his top. I'm still laughing about it now and 3 hours have passed..

To be honest I think someone was helping me out. I was really nervous around him today, as I saw my friend P and she said she was going to drop a cliffhanger of a hint that I was interested. That massive spider on R's top threw my tension out of the window.. I mean how scared of a bloke can you be when you see him waving his arms widely about, screaming like a little girl because of a spider... And you know what.. I like him even more for it..


Rabidus Badgerus said...

It's the way they run so fast. And not knowing where they are. I agonise over killing them, getting stupidly scared, yet knowing I'd be less scared if I knew it was dead than if I let it run riot.*shudders* My biggest fear. Bigger than humans.

Rabidus Badgerus said...

Keep me posted on R. I have a certain male badger ('B') I like. I have met B once, then he up an' vanished. I'll sniff him out, you see. :D

Hells said...

*shudders just at the name of spiders* I will definately keep you updated on the saga that is Hells & R. I have no idea if P said anything to him.. and my friend mentioned tonight, he may feel a little embarressed if he acted like a big girl in front of me, then found out I liked him...

Heather said...

Aww, bless the man in my life is a big girls blouse when it comes to spiders too. I on the other hand, whilst not fond of them am pretty fine and dandy about them.

If he spots a spider he yelps and will stand on any available piece of furniture until I have either dispatched it to the great web in the sky or caught it with my fiendishly clever use of a glass and postcard.

Yep, when it comes to creepy crawlies I'm the man in this relationship.

Oh and thanks for the birthday greeting- you're a star! xx

Hells said...

I hope you had a wonderful day H.

I can completely understand your other half. However Crane Flies I am not scared off. Blasted things keep coming in my lounge.