Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Fun, Fun, Fun!

The last few days have been.. interesting.

Louis started his new "big" school on Monday. (photo's will come at some point.) He walked straight in and wasn't at all bothered. In fact his new teacher asked him if he was going to say goodbye to me and he looked over his shoulder and said "see you later" then walked off. A part of me is so very proud, as a year ago he would have been a mess. Another part of me was a little sad that he was so willing to leave me behind. Selfish I know, but I've always been there really and now. Now I'm not. But still the proudness of him pushes that to one side.

So he's been there two days now and after being told on Sunday that his school is rife for headlice, I've been checking his hair vigourously. Tonight, I went through the same notions and to my horror I found a louse in his hair. He hadn't been itching or anything. So out comes the treatment and thankfully I found just a couple of eggs and one louse. AJ, my youngest, had no lice, but a few eggs. I've so far found nothing in mine, but I treated us all just incase. *Shudders* I hate lice. I then had to ring round all the mothers and let them know as someone there gave them to my kids. It's embarressing though..

Ring ring! Ring ring!

Mother: Hello?
Me: Hi *Child's mum's name*
Mo: Hi! How's things?
Me: Well, not bad really. I'm just ringing to let you know that Louis bought back more then a school book today
Mo: Oh?
Me: Yes he had a couple of friends in his hair tonight. I've treated him, but I thought I'd best let you know
Mo: Oh poor mite! He's only been there two days
Me: Yes, Yes I know.
Mo: How do you treat it?
I explain what to get
Mo: Ok, I'll do *child's name* tonight too.
Me: I'll let the school know tomorrow also.

Ugh, nits.. Horrid little things.

However on a good note, or a bad note.. Currently I'm not quite sure what type of note it is just yet, but R. There as been an.. update on the saga that is my love life.

Yesterday at the cafe, Pauline arrives.
P: Hells! I'm glad I've seen you.
M: Hi! What's up?
P: I told him
Is slightly confused at this point.
M: Told who what?
P: R. I told him.
M: Oh dear lord. What did you say and more to the point what did he say?
P: I told him he had an admirer who really liked him
M: Oh jeez.. What did he say? Did he laugh?
P: He asked who, so I told him that it was you.
M: Crap. Ok continue
P: Well, he said that you were a really great gal, really lovely. Then he grinned and then he went a little red.
M: Oh jeez. What the hell does that mean? Oh crap I have to see him Wednesday.
P: Make sure you do.
M: I will. But I'm not going to say anything...

Hmm. The great/lovely gal is sweet, but is that him saying it because P is my friend? And the grin.. that could be just a grin.. and the blushing.. well that could be anything. He's embarressed that someone like me could even think of liking him, or he likes me, or seeing as he was told after the Spider incident, he's just remembered he's acted like a big girl's blouse and has then found out the person he did it in front of, likes him.

This relationship thing is really hard work! I have come to the conclusion, that should he say anything I'm just going to act cool. I'm not going to deny it, nor act hysterical asking who told him. I'm just going to say something like "well, that's my secret out then." We'll just have to see how tomorrow goes.. Yes! Tomorrow night, I have to see him. I will make sure I look pleasant and I won't try to give off any nerves. So yes.. Tomorrow. It's unbearable. What if he doesn't say anything? Do I continue to carry on pretending not to know that he knows. *Sigh* Well, I'm sure I'll find out tomorrow.

And of course I'll be on here to let you know how it went.. or didn't..


Rabidus Badgerus said...

Ooooh I've got my claws crossed for you!

WV - yngii - the noise R made when you discovered the spider?

Hells said...

ooh that is close!