Sunday, September 10, 2006


Last night I went to my ex's sisters and her husbands joint Hen and Stag do. They're having their vows renewed in a couple of weeks and because they didn't have a party a decade ago, they had it last night. Now my ex wasn't invited, mainly because my sister in law doesn't like him, plus the fact they all wanted a good night. It was a fabulous night which didn't end until 5:30 this morning. My cheeks and stomach are still hurting so much from all the laughing last night, which was mainly based on my friend falling asleep during sex with her partner* (I mean we've all done that before) and on the fact that I've been single for such a long time. Oh and the fact that G (my sis in law) and T (a friend) decided that they would tell R if I don't. But it was a great night, we played a wonderful little game of Who's in the bag. Boy's Vs Girls.... Girl's obviously being the winners as we're so used to having to describe things for men, it comes as second nature to us.

I'm now a little tired and craving for a bacon sandwich.. If only I could just get motivated enough I'd get up off my lazy arse and make it..

Before I forget, a big Happy Birthday to Heather for tomorrow. Best Wishes Hon :)

* Just to point out that this was something that came up in conversation. They were not having sex in front of us as she fell asleep. It wasn't that type of party.


Rabidus Badgerus said...

mmm bacon.... one of my guilty pleasures. Second to worms though, of course.

*continues digging*

Hells said...

Bacon is my fave hang over cure. Not too sure about those worms though..