Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dog Bounty Hunter Petition

This is a petition that my close friend set up. She's a huge fan of Dog the Bounty Hunter (she's an American) and she asked me to spread the word about the petition she needs everyone signing. Honlulu Police Dept have said they will do something once it has 1,000 signatures on it within 2 days.

Basically what happened, for those of you who do not know of these peeps, is that they went to Mexico 3 years ago and caught a guy wanted for Rape in America. Mexico have finally decided it was kidnap and got the American authorities to arrest Dog and some of his family on kidnap charges today. The rapist they bought back to America got 124 years jail time..

Now I know it's none of our business as such, but this guy was basically getting the criminals of the streets. Not our streets I agree, but still.

So please, sign this. If not for them, then for my friend.

Many Thanks

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