Saturday, September 09, 2006

If you can't beat them..Join them

I've started noticing more and more peeps coming on here and I thought to myself, fuck it! I'm going to join to. I mean you can't have enough Blogs can you? Although I admit that I do not keep them all updated frequently, unless of course something has happened that has either elated me, or severely pissed me off. I am a single mother, which not much of a life (not many interesting peeps you meet on the way to and from your children's school that's for sure)

However, Seeing as I've been offline for such a long time, I'm contemplating on the question of why Dial up is so slow. See there is a fault on my Broadband line, which has so far been there since the 15th August and is still not fixed. After alot of ranting I managed to get dial up. Now, why is it that in this day and age, Dial up is so slow? Normally on my broadband I'm on speed of between 5-8Mbps but at the moment on dial up the max speed I can get is 50.6 kpbs (although today I've been running at 14.4 kbps) I know that soon Dial up will be wiped out, and that Broadband will soon be the "slow one" but why cannot dial up be any quicker? Is the lines it runs on? Or something more complex? There are still so many peeps out there that use it (including my mother now) so why isn't it at least 2 or 3 mbps. *Shrugs* I don't know.

Oh and before I forget, if you are on dial up and contemplating moving over to Broadband.. Do not go with Orange. Their customer care and technical support are crap. Nine times out of ten when you ring you are sent through to a call centre in India that cannot help you as you need to have been put through to the English Call centre (so they can ring around the different departments). I spent one day ringing them up several times, each time telling them They couldn't help me as they were the wrong call centre just so I could get to the english centre.. I've also told them I'm forwarding them my phone bills. I will get some compensation for this. Over a thousand emails I had in total (including spam that were about 25% of those) that I sat and read through yesterday, waiting for me in my inbox.

But I have to admit, It's rather nice being missed. But what have I been doing for the last month and a bit? I have a rather nice DVD collection now.. which consists mainly of Johnny Depp I have to say, plus I've spent a lot of time in my local cafe drinking hot chocolate and gossiping. That guy that I told some of you about, Chris, (Herb's and Spices Guy) got beat up by a gang for no reason. I sent him a card which was nice of me, considering he 'fessed up to having me in a queue with two other girls.. maybe one of those gal's found out and sent someone to sort him out.. I don't know, but I sent him a Get Well soon card. He's now got fewer teeth and two metal plates in his jaw. Somehow I think Karma had a role to play in all this. But he's old news now. I don't have time for jerks like that.

There is one guy though that I do like. His name will be shortened to R. Not that I have any worries he will stumble across this as I have no idea if he is at all online, but it's just incase. He's a really lovely guy (he's also hot too which helps. Is an uncanny lookalike to Danny Dyer.. Google him *Wink*) but I'm a bit shy.. There's only so much rejection a girl can take! My friends in the "real" world tell me that I should confide in him and I know for a fact that he wouldn't laugh in my face, but I have to see him once a week and it may make things awkward. So I'm staying quiet. My young nieces overheard my sister in law and I talking about him and have threatened to spill (so has my sister in law) but a little threat worked wonders and they have, so far, kept schtum..

Really I need to build up my confidence. Standing in front of a mirror saying "You are beautiful, you are smart" Doesn't help when your reflection starts laughing back at you..


Rabidus Badgerus said...

Heylo Hells! I know you slightly from various places!:D *coughs, in which the words 'Green' and 'Wing' are distinguishable*

Ah, you've got one of those laughing reflections too? Glad to see I'm not alone!

May I add your rather excellent ramblings to my rather poor mumblings (my blog)?

Hells said...

Of course! I have already been there and rambled a little. In fact I'm rather proud of the fact I controlled my ramblings although I'm sure as time get's on I'll get lazy and ramble away..

Laughing reflections are so cruel...

Heather said...

Hello Hells! Welcome to bloggerdom (well google bloggerdom - much better than myspace!) Sorry to hear about your internet woes, and so glad to have you back Depp DVD's in tow.

You should ask that R fella out, what can you lose? Adding you to my links right about now.