Thursday, October 05, 2006


I could bore you all with my version of events from Monday at the Green Wing DVD Series 2 signing... but I won't. All I shall say is that Stephen was adorable, Michelle and Pippa were lovely and Julian was just charming and slightly more appealing when he's looking rather overwhelmed.

I did meet some lovely peeps that day though *Waves to Skea and co* and I can't wait to meet them again at some point in the near future. *Wink wink, nudge nudge* It was lovely to finally put some faces to the names and Skea, we will definately have that corner to ourselves one day!

However, I am now rather poorly. Hence why it's now 3 minutes past 4 in the morning and I am not in bed, but on here writing to moan about it. Normally I suffer in silence, but I feel like a bag of mutated crap right now so I thought I would be good enough to share it with you. Thankfully you can't get germs via the Internet* and besides if you could get germs, then I'd be blaming Jools as she was the last person I knew who was ill. I'm just hoping that I've not passed my germs on to all the GW fans that were there on Monday as well as the actors. I wasn't ill then, so I don't feel at all guilty if anyone comes down with something now as I didn't know I was a possible carrier...

Besides, I think I would have had my karma seeing as I fell asleep with the kids this afternoon and completely forgot about R coming. Hence he saw me looking as if I was something out of the living dead, with big fluffed up hair to compliment it.. He told me I looked like shit, which is moderately better then my eldest telling me I looked like a monster this morning. Hopefully he'll see me next week and forget how I looked tonight. (That's R not Louis. I think I have scarred my son for life with how I looked this morning. Then again I think I've probably scarred R for life too)

Talking of how one looks, after seeing the photo's of myself from said signing, I shall be starting my new diet. (Once I have eaten the Terry's Orange that is sitting in my fridge.. I don't think I will be able to get away with it being classed as one of my daily 5) I'm not usually very good at diets, because I have no willpower.. I did go to Slimming world for 6 months once, but I was really bad as I used to weigh in on a Thursday, pig out from Thursday to Sunday, then live on raisins for the next couple of days. I managed to lose over 3 stone, but I definately do not recommend it at all. I think the only reason I managed to not kill myself as such was because I ate so much crap over the course of the weekend, I couldn't bare to look at food for a while. However, this time I will be doing it properly. And I will probably be alot poorer too. Why is it, to eat healthily you have to spend a fortune on food? Fruit and Veg are so expensive. I spent £20 the other day on not very much fruit and veg at all. Mind you, I was in Sainsbury's.

I should really go now..

*Ok so I know you can get a virus via the internet, but thankfully (in a sense) that only affects the mechanical stuff and not the biological stuff..

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