Sunday, October 29, 2006

A quickie

I'm just jumping on quickly to say I'm still alive!

Mum has been down and gone, leaving me with tonsilitus, which she came down with towards the end of the visit. So both myself and the kids are having a great time, which is wonderful seeing as I only just got over the flu! And look I can even sound positive still about the whole thing.. must be the tablets.

What else? I got kate's email about "You know what" I'll be finding someway of printing it (I don't have a printer) which may mean writing with paper and pen and sending a cheque off soon.

Also before I forget, the mysterious R, who I seem to have misjudged immensely. I asked him out for a drink, he agreed, all was going well until my friend saw him in town and stopped for a chat, where it emerged the woman he was with, was his fiancee! The damn git was engaged! I have therefore decided that men are gits. Well most men.

Other then that I'll be back up and online once I've got rid of this ickiness and I'll be rambling on in the chats as per norm. Now I'm going to go and have a nice steam bath.

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