Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation is bad for you. Don't read if you are offended by anything related to Religion.. Article that started it all...

photo nut 101: They were proved to have a Christian theme to them
Phantasm Kiss: *nods* Uh...Christmas anyone?
photo nut 101: seriously if the woman ever picked one up and read it she wouldn't have a problem
Phantasm Kiss: besides of course the Jesus parallel thing
photo nut 101: come on Voldemort the Devil Harry Christ ect
Phantasm Kiss: Dumbles?
photo nut 101: God? hehehe
Phantasm Kiss: lol Oooh! Judas! Snape?
hells9441: oooh
Phantasm Kiss: or WORMTAIL
hells9441: Peter
photo nut 101: both
hells9441: And guilderoy could be gabriel :-P
photo nut 101: hhmmm though Snape would make a better Doubting Thomas I declare him three times till the end
hells9441: How about a jonah? wasn't he cursed... swallowed by a whale..
Giovane Sorella: who's noah?
hells9441: Meh.. Sirius.. he was swallowed by a veil whale.. veil.. rhymes. Noah could be Hagrid, all those animals
Giovane Sorella: hahaha
hells9441: two by two hurrah hurrah the animals came in two by two hurrah hurrah
photo nut 101: Elijah totally there
Phantasm Kiss: hahahahaha
hells9441: Moses was Hermione! Let my house elves go!
Phantasm Kiss: woot! and Ron? He's awfully goofy
Giovane Sorella: who's the virgin mary?
photo nut 101: John the Baptist
hells9441: Virgin mary is..... Tonks.. no
photo nut 101: nah
hells9441: Loony luna cos no one believed mary at first
photo nut 101: much as I'd like it no
hells9441: thought she was a bloody nutter
Phantasm Kiss: hehehehe
hells9441: Herod... could be Fudge Wouldn't believe any of it.. a plague of locusts?! That's not God's work! It's er.. the weather.. that's right, it's awfully hot this time of year..
Phantasm Kiss: lol
hells9441: Frogs?! Definately not God.. that is jsut the ministry inventing a different sort of rain..
Phantasm Kiss: lol
hells9441: who else... Samson..That could well be Grawp...
photo nut 101: Cedric
hells9441: Cedric wasn't strong..
photo nut 101: in heart when he bent, he died
Phantasm Kiss: poor Ceddie
hells9441: no.. not cedric.. Cedric is more of a... salt :-P
hells9441: JOB! No.. was it Job... who turned his wife to salt?
Phantasm Kiss: lol Job was the freakishly patient one
hells9441: Lucius.. Now Lucius could be Delilah :-P
Phantasm Kiss: hehehehe
photo nut 101: no it was the man who was in Sadam and Gomora
Phantasm Kiss: but he's the one who HAS the hair
photo nut 101: His wife was Sara...Lot?
hells9441: sodom and gonorrhea? thats the one..I knew he had a three letter name..
Phantasm Kiss: lol

Seriously.. HP should not be compared with bible..

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