Friday, November 17, 2006

Why I love being single

I've spent too many times on blogs, moaning how life is so cruel to me, how I'm gagging for sex and how I wish a guy would just come and sweep me off my feet. So I thought I would make a positive post.

So here it goes:

Why I love being single

1) I get to cook what I want, when I want. I am not a cafe, I do not have to make gourmet meals.
2)My word is final.
3) I do not have to ask permission to go out.
4) I can spend all day with my kids if I want too and not have to worry about ignoring the "man" in my life
5) The evenings are my own to read, watch tv or come online for as long as I want without anyone moaning about going to bed or turning it over for the football.
6) I don't have to do the washing up that night, it's not going to kill me if I leave it until the morning.
7) I don't have to worry about shaving my legs as soon as they start to get stubbly
8) I know that my bills have been paid.
9) I can prove to my kids that mummies can mend broken toys too
10) I can sing and dance like a nutter, knowing that the kids will join in and not frown and think I'm weird
11) I can drool over actors and not have to worry about making the man in my life feel inadequate
12) Having lots of wardrobe space
13) Having a whole kingsize bed to myself
14) don't have to keep my stomach sucked in when I walk from the bed to the bathroom
15) Doing yoga in a swim cossie at midnight, just because I felt the urge to be healthy and fit
16) Drink wine and get tipsy and not worry about the other half moaning because you're giggling too much
17) You don't have to worry about morning breath
18) You can flirt with that cute guy at the bus stop and not feel guilty
19) you can flirt with actors at signings and again not feel guilty.
20) You don't have to worry about getting on the pill or spending money on condoms
21) Toilet seat stays DOWN
22) You can talk to your mom/friends without getting dirty looks because you've been on for over an hour
23) Vibrators don't talk back, or expect breakfast.

Feel free to comment back with anything you can think off ;)


baggiebird said...

You're not wrong

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